Philadelphia, PA – GSI Health, a leading population health management technology company, today announced that its GSIHealthCoordinator platform has been selected as the care management technology of choice for New York’s Care Compass Network (CCN), a nonprofit community organization that champions new models of care to the community with a focus on delivering quality care, while reducing inefficiencies through enhanced care coordination and community-based engagement and education. CCN collaborates with over 200 partner organizations, including hospital systems and a range of community-based behavioral and social service organizations.

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CCN’s partnership with GSI Health will enable the network to use GSIHealthCoordinator to integrate key systems such as electronic health record (EHR) and care management systems and regional health information organizations (RHIOs) to facilitate fast, efficient care management supporting the Medicaid population in New York’s Southern Tier. GSIHealthCoordinator will orchestrate workflow and deliver critical patient information across CCN’s diverse network, improving transparency and collaboration for its Medicaid waiver programs. The implementation enables organizations within the network to develop care plans and exchange them across the continuum to address the entirety of patient needs, including medical, behavioral, and social determinants of health.

“GSI Health has a wealth of experience that will help CCN and our partner organizations improve the delivery of healthcare across a diverse nine county region in New York,” said Mark Ropiecki, Executive Director of Care Compass Network. “GSI Health’s technology will provide key care management functionality to our partners, and enable them to exchange care plans with their EHRs and other care management systems.”

“As the most widely adopted care management technology in New York, we have deep-rooted experience in empowering collaboration among diverse teams to improve patient outcomes,” said LeRoy E. Jones, Founder and CEO of GSI Health. “We are excited to partner with an organization that has the vision and experience to use our technology as an enabler to drive the value-based care initiatives of today and into the future.”

GSI Health’s GSIHealthCoordinator platform combines care management, analytics, and a robust interoperability layer to enable organizations to address the ongoing challenges of optimizing population health management strategies for their targeted patient population. The platform is designed to integrate diverse data into the care management workflow so that information can be shared across organizational boundaries and teams can collaborate more effectively. Bringing together multiple programs with different patient populations, care teams, workflows, and reporting analysis requirements provides insights that help our clients improve processes to optimize healthcare delivery. GSIHealthCoordinator currently supports more Health Home programs in New York than any other solution and four of the largest DSRIP/1115 Medicaid Waiver Performing Provider Systems in the state, providing deep experience in the state’s regulatory environment.

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GSI Health’s population health management platform supports “whole person” care, enabling hospitals and health plans to collaborate across any care setting to treat the entirety of patient issues—including medical as well as lifestyle and socioeconomic factors that negatively impact patient well-being—and put them on a path toward better health.

We are experts in convening organizations from across the continuum to collaborate as care teams with harmonized workflows so that care delivery is comprehensive and optimized—with low friction for both patients and providers. Our care coordination platform bridges technologies and empowers our clients to achieve real results through improved efficiency, lower costs, and improved outcomes. Learn more at