Investing Approach

Assets Under Management

Total Investments

Target Initial Investment

Rittenhouse Ventures is an emerging growth venture fund focused on innovative software solutions that power enterprises in healthcare, life sciences, financial services, human resources, and general business services. With a unique combination of right-sized investments, deep expertise, and a proven track record, we optimize capital and growth strategies for entrepreneurs. Based in Philadelphia and investing across the Mid-Atlantic region, we build long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs, leveraging our extensive local network to their advantage.

Investment Criteria

Business Model

▸B2B Software

▸Capital Efficient

▸Recurring Revenue


▸Based in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard

▸Mid-Atlantic Focus

▸Investment Range from DC to NYC


▸Emerging Growth

▸Market-Tested Software

▸$1m+ Annual Recurring Revenue

▸$1-3m Capital Raise


▸Healthcare & Pharmaceutical IT

▸Financial Services

▸Human Resources

▸General Business Services

Investment Process

Lead Investor

We generally frame investment rounds—capital needs, participants, and terms

Minority Equity Owner

Our initial ~$1m investments earn us a minority equity ownership stake

Active Portfolio Manager

We actively participate on boards, leveraging our expertise and network

Why ‘Rittenhouse’?

David Rittenhouse, a Philadelphian, was a successful inventor and civil servant in the 18th century. He served as the first Director of the U.S. Mint and as the first Treasurer of Pennsylvania. As an innovator, mathematician, craftsman, and financier, David Rittenhouse possessed an inspirational blend of knowledge and vision that drives the mission at Rittenhouse Ventures.