Infusion of Capital Supports Continued Business Expansion and Technology Upgrades

CHADDS FORD, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DecisionSim, Inc., the leading provider of simulation-based learning platforms, today announced the company raised $1.85 million in a Series A financing round, positioning the company and its lead product, DecisionSim™ for significant expansion in the U.S. and globally. Rittenhouse Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in emerging technology companies, contributed $1.5 million and an additional $350,000 has been secured from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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DecisionSim, Inc. will put the funding toward doubling its staff within the next six months and increasing the scale and scope of its technology infrastructure. Planned enhancements include:

  • Upgrade of the user interface to make it easier for clients to use DecisionSim on mobile phones and tablets, as well as design their own learner interface
  • Migration to a new FedRAMP-compliant hosting environment to meet security and scalability requirements of government clients
  • Development of a new client-facing dashboard to enable access to real-time data and immediate insights during a simulation

DecisionSim, Inc. is also securing re-seller licenses globally, beginning with Obvious Choice Pty Ltd, a leading Australian eLearning company specializing in ‘disruptive’ learning innovation. Additionally, DecisionSim, Inc. recently expanded its collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs—the largest integrated healthcare delivery system in the U.S.—and licensed communications training technology from Drexel University College of Medicine.

“We were attracted to DecisionSim, Inc., because of the versatility and effectiveness of its software platform across all types of learners and devices, which sets it apart from other simulation technologies,” said Bruce Luehrs, founder and Managing Partner of Rittenhouse Ventures. “We believe DecisionSim is a sustainable learning approach with limitless potential.”