Energage, an employee engagement technology company, today announced general availability of a SaaS platform that provides organizations with core tools to reduce unwanted turnover and attract and retain the right talent for their business.

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Research shows that 60 percent of recruiters believe culture fit is of the highest importance when making a decision whether to hire or not1. The Energage platform—now the industry’s most robust, closed-loop suite of solutions to help organizations stand out and attract the right talent to drive their business forward—is powered by AI and patented advanced comparative analytics that have been shaped by collecting and analyzing 450 million employee engagement data points over more than 13 years, across 58,000 organizations and 20 million employees.

Innovative leaders know that a strong corporate culture and an engaged workforce are crucial to business success because of their direct correlation to retention, customer satisfaction, productivity and more. Those same leaders are now seeing the immense impact that culture and an engaged workforce can have on recruitment efforts.

“At the core of our platform is a visionary comparative analytics approach that marks the end of traditional benchmarking,” said Rich Gallagher, chief product officer at Energage. “Fueled by the unmatched scale and precision of the data our platform captures, we have the ability to compare organizations well beyond typical dimensions of size and subsector – achieving a true competitive set. And, since we are continuously assessing thousands of organizations, customers can be assured that the most current labor and economic conditions have been taken into account. The result is operating insights so powerful that it changes the game for organizations, ensuring leaders are making data-driven decisions on business-critical focus areas.”

The Energage Platform
Energage delivers a fully integrated suite of solutions, supported by a full range of services, that establishes a continuous conversation with employees through annual engagement and interim pulse surveys; analyzes that data with unmatched depth and context; delivers intelligence that senior leadership can use to drive greater performance internally; and unearths culture differentiators that can be shared easily across social channels to strengthen recruitment.

The platform includes:

Workplace Survey
This includes the Energage research-backed, 24-statement survey that has powered the prestigious Top Workplaces program in 50 markets for the last 13 years and maps results to the 15 Culture Drivers common across all Top Workplaces. Organizations can issue just one survey, regardless of their number of office locations, to gain regional recognition, increase brand awareness and stand out from the competition with the industry’s most credible employee survey. Energage provides one-on-one support throughout the entire survey process for coordinators and survey takers.

The most powerful, patented AI technology engine for employee survey data, Energage Insights delivers analysis that goes beyond routine benchmarking reports to provide continuous visibility into how culture is impacting business. With its advanced comparative analytics, Insights uncovers business-critical nuances, both at the organization and department levels, helping leaders reduce risk and improve performance by enabling data-driven people decisions. And, with ongoing access to refreshed intelligence from data that is automatically imported and analyzed after each survey event, Insights ensures year-round impact.

Energage Pulse enables users to create research-backed, custom surveys in minutes, as often as needed on any topic, to establish continuous employee communication. Users can either choose from a ready-to-use bank of questions crafted by experts or create custom questions and receive complimentary question review and advice from survey specialists. Pulse helps organizations maintain high employee engagement by focusing feedback on areas where resources are available, and actions can have an impact.

Employer Branding
Employer Branding applies patented algorithms to employee data to uncover a company’s unique hiring differentiators. The solution enables organizations to easily broadcast those differentiators to attract and retain employees who share the same passion and purpose. Earned Culture Badges and employee-sourced Culture Facts showcase an authentic culture story that can easily be shared with key stakeholders on social media channels, company careers page, career sites, and more.

Energage offers support services to help organizations maximize their investment in the Energage platform, as well as broader advisory services to help organizations dive even deeper into building high-performance cultures. To learn more about Energage services or to request a demo of the Energage platform, email info@energage.com or visit http://www.energage.com.

About Energage
Energage is the provider of employee engagement technology solutions for powering high-performance cultures that lead to better business outcomes. Based on over 13 years of culture research, the engine behind 50 Top Workplaces programs across the country, and data gathered from over 20 million employees at 58,000 organizations, Energage has isolated the 15 drivers of engaged cultures that are critical to the success of any business, and developed the tools and expertise to unlock its full potential. For more information, please visit energage.com. Follow us on Twitter @teamenergage and Facebook and LinkedIn @energage.