Todd Cope
CFO and EVP of Administration

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Industry: Healthcare

Years in role: 11
Years at company: 2

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GROWTH CHAMPION: When Todd Cope came on board at GSI Health, LLC, a number of its financial systems reflected those of a startup even though the company was a decade old. The systems lacked the processes and methodology that would support the company through its expected growth. As GSI Health’s first CFO, Cope’s first challenge was tackling the core financial systems themselves. He built a forecasting model that enabled changes in expected expenditure or revenue outcomes to be immediately reflected in the next year’s forecast for income and cash levels.

FUN FACT: Cope has an extensive engineering background, and is named on more than 20 semiconductor patents.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: When Cope joined GSI Health, he was able to relieve CEO Lee Jones of day-to-day financial management and larger projects such as equity raises, contracts, human resources, and financial relationships with investors, banks, clients and vendors. One of Cope’s accomplishments was establishing new banking relationships to meet GSI Health’s corporate objectives.

ABOVE AND BEYOND: As CFO, Cope took the lead on GSI Health’s equity raise, filtering through hundreds of potential partners to engage with a short list of firms that had thepotential to provide the appropriate mix of capital, terms and support. Cope served as an information conduit between GSI Health and multiple potential investors, representing the company during the due diligence process to provide a view of its current condition and future prospects.