Halfpenny Technologies, a clinical data exchange platform provider, and Pulse8, a healthcare analytics and technology company, have joined together officially to improve quality measures and risk score accuracy.

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The partnership aims to provide the delivery of care coordination and clinical data exchange, and will streamline and automate the collection of clinical data to improve patient outcomes. They will achieve this by enabling broader and deeper analysis of patient-level medical data.

Patient chart information is usually difficult and costly to access and retrieve. Halfpenny Technologies applies advanced data acquisition algorithms to securely get into and transmit data to Pulse8 for better risk adjustment and quality analytics.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Pulse8 for use of Halfpenny Technologies’ industry-leading clinical data exchange solutions,” said Tim Kowalski, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Halfpenny Technologies.

“We feel our strategic partnership will rapidly accelerate the expansion of health plans and providers into deeper analytics never before possible. This will help to improve patient outcomes by providing near real-time alerts for gap closures for advance patient management programs.”