PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Haystack Informatics, a behavioral analytics company that helps health systems safeguard and optimize their operations, is pleased to be recognized as a top provider of Patient Privacy Monitoring solutions.

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While cybersecurity solutions commonly protect against threats from outside the organization, Haystack provides Privacy Breach Detection from inside threats. A full data security solution would include both inside and outside threat detection and mitigation.

Black Book Market Research LLC, the trusted leader in influence market research, recently completed an annual poll of cybersecurity products, services, outsourcing, and consulting clients spanning 17 functional areas of cybersecurity including: Authorization and Authentication Solutions; Blockchain Solutions; Compliance and Risk Management Solutions; Cybersecurity Advisors and Consultants; Cybersecurity Training and Education; DDoS Attack Prevention; End Point Security Solutions; Access Management; Firewall Networks; Data Encryption; Intrusion Protection Solutions; Threat Detection and Prevention; Network Security; Email Protection; and Cybersecurity Data Analytics.

“Cybersecurity is no longer considered solely an IT responsibility or a compliance issue,” said Doug Brown, founder of Black Book and lead researcher on the study.

Black Book anticipates demand for outsourced information security, consulting and support to increase five times faster than security technology products and software purchases as job vacancies exceed qualified candidates.

In total, 2,464 cybersecurity system users and senior level managers participated over the seven-month crowdsourced survey.

The top 10 of 20 ranked patient privacy monitoring solutions firms this year are, in order:


For detailed results on the cybersecurity rankings, see:

Haystack Privacy Monitoring is an ONC-certified, cloud-based product, protecting leading health systems. For more information:

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About Haystack Informatics:

Haystack Informatics, spun out from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, is a digital health company that helps leading health systems monitor patient privacy and improve operational efficiency. Using activity log data from electronic health records (EHR) systems, our technology makes sense of the interactions that exist between health system employees and patients, identifying anomalous activity patterns, and guiding towards the most impactful areas for EHR and staff optimization. For general information, see