PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —┬á, a global leader in digital policyholder engagement for insurance providers, is honored to announce being named the solution provider winner of the 2016 SMA Innovation in Action Awards.

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The SMA Innovation in Action Awards are presented annually during the SMA Summit, held on September 19 this year at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston, to celebrate innovation in the insurance industry. SMA, a leading insurance advisory firm, launched this award program five years ago to inspire, share, and recognize solutions that enable insurance companies to move beyond modernizing and optimizing to differentiate themselves through real innovation and transformation. The event recognizes both insurers and solution providers with real-world, implemented, solutions leveraging next generation technologies, ideas or processes to deliver game-changing business capabilities.

“’s solution gives insurers the capabilities and data to understand their policyholders in real time and generate the actionable intelligence necessary to adapt their business,” said Karen Furtado, SMA Partner and head of the SMA Innovation in Action Awards program. “We congratulate for winning the Innovation in Action award for their digital policy engagement platform that expands the insurance value proposition.”

“ enables insurance carriers to engage with, deliver value to, and create meaningful relationships with their policyholders using personalized interactions; policyholders engage several times per week, instead of a couple of times per year. Through the value we deliver, policyholders provide us with exceptionally rich data about their needs, preferences, risks and life events,” said Jon Cooper, CEO and Co-founder of “In an industry where only 1 in 5 policyholders can name their carrier, our ability to build relationships and brand affinity is a game changer. With our level of engagement, we generate both the insights and data carriers need to evolve from a transactional and reactive relationship to become the policyholders’ trusted partner, helping them achieve their life goals, while predicting and solving their needs at each stage of life.”

“We are honored to have been recognized by SMA with this prestigious award.”