PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prosperoware, a thought-leading enterprise software company for governance and adoption, announces its newest product, PowerDesktop – the hybrid Desktop Client for Power Users of Collaboration Systems. PowerDesktop currently supports iManage Work through the iManage Universal API.

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PowerDesktop is developed for power users to address complex import, export, and reorganization needs in collaboration systems. For over a decade, Prosperoware has been the leading provider in supporting transfer of matter files (import & export) between clients and firms. This next generation of products addresses complex needs of organizations that move large groups of documents and emails between organizations.

PowerDesktop, an intuitive and user-friendly desktop tool, will be available in five modules:

PowerDesktop – Bulk Operations (available now)

Enables users to leverage rich search capabilities to perform bulk operations across tens of thousands of documents, ability to drag-n-drop content, rearrange large workspaces, including moving 10,000+ documents simultaneously.

PowerDesktop – Import (available now)

Enables users to import tens of thousands of documents and emails from a folder structure or CSV file. Allows for easy remapping of metadata, such as client, matter, and document type, to enable transfer of matter files between firms.

PowerDesktop – PST Import (available July 2021)

Enables users to import email from .PST files.

PowerDesktop – Export (available August 2021)

Enables users to export documents, folders, and workspaces in bulk with features to handle special characters, long file names, and more.

PowerDesktop – Migrate (available Fall 2021)

Empowers integrators and administrators to migrate file shares.

“We’re very excited to introduce the first import and export solution based on the iManage Universal API,” says Keith Lipman, CEO & Co-founder of Prosperoware. “As a solution designed for power users, PowerDesktop is tailored to meet the needs of the modern cloud organization, and we look forward to offering it for other collaboration systems in the future.”

Key features of PowerDesktop include:

  • Support for iManage Work 10.3 and other upcoming systems
  • Select any destination to import, down to the document level
  • Drag-n-drop documents and folders to rearrange workspaces
  • Download & browse thousands of documents from the iManage server
  • View & access content beyond the current 10,000 document limit
  • Limit types of files that can be imported
  • Secure document import with appropriate access to document content